Professional Backup


We must establish procedures to ensure data recovery.

Compliance with the Data Protection Law poses big questions for many companies, freelancers, associations and institutions. In most cases there is misinformation and a total lack of knowledge about the operation of this Law. That is why at Auditaris we have proposed to work side by side with our clients, offering a professional, personalized and close treatment.

We have a wide and varied portfolio of clients, both in the public and private sectors, ranging from corporations to communities, cooperatives, public administration, institutions, self-employed or professionals from all sectors.

Consultoría LOPD en Valencia

Full backup

It makes a complete backup of all files on your computer. By backing up 100% of the information, it usually takes more time to complete and takes up more space.

Differential backup

It contains only the files that have changed since the last copy was made. Therefore, only new and/or modified files are included.

Incremental backup

A copy is made of all files that have been modified since the last full, differential or incremental backup was executed. It is the fastest method of backing up.

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