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We verify different points of view such as security, usability, content or quality.

Ehe objective of this area of our work is to verify the status of your website by analyzing different points of view such as security, usability, content or quality, in order to correct possible errors that affect both the operation and the positioning of the same or its compliance with the law.

It is quite common to find, when performing an audit, duplicate content or vulnerability errors that compromise the security of a website, as well as failures to comply with the LSSI in the handling of confidential information. This last mistake is very common in online stores.

If you or your company would like to check the status of your site, Auditaris will perform the audit from the following points of view:
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We analyze the ease with which your users navigate your website, checking: Broken links, Content quality, User perception and Clarity in navigation.


We identify the correct functioning of all those elements that search engines use to position your website against any search: URL structure, Text/image balance, SEO factors on each page, Site indexing status, Site architecture, Internal and external linking strategy, Brand presence on social networks and Keyword analysis.


We examine the weaknesses and security vulnerabilities of your Web site, through specific tests such as: Analysis of the .htaccess file, Encrypted information, Server response states, The use of Captcha on the site and LDAP Injections.

Does your company comply with the new cookie regulations?

You should know that, following the latest changes introduced in the Law on Information Society Services (LSSI), websites that make use of cookies must include an informed consent procedure prior to their use.

This measure, promoted by Europe, is intended to protect user privacy. Prior to its approval, Spanish legislation only established the need for websites to inform of their use and offer the possibility of refusing them, but the new regulation requires express consent prior to their use.

Who must comply with the cookie law?

The cookies law is applicable to information society service providers (both companies and individuals who carry out economic activities through the Internet) established in Spain and to the services provided by them. In this way, the following services are included when they constitute an economic or lucrative activity for the provider: Electronic commerce, On-line contracting, Information and advertising and Intermediation services.

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