How do I know if I have to implement the LOPD Law?

If your organization collects, retains or transfers personal data to third parties, you must comply with the Data Protection Act (LOPD) and ensure the correct use of the data. At Auditaris, we have proposed that our clients understand at all times what the Data Protection Law is, why they must comply with it and what steps are taken in their organization in a conscious, participatory, flexible way, adapted to the reality of each entity. It so happens that on many occasions compliance with this law that protects personal data is transformed into an impersonal process due to the method of implementation applied, a procedure that leads to oblivion until the next control period or until an incident or inspection arises.

Why should you implement the LOPD?
The LOPD Law positions your organization by projecting an image of responsibility and commitment. We work so that the implementation of the LOPD means, beyond complying with the Law, an added value for our clients. We plan and execute information and control processes that imply an improvement in the information systems, directly influencing the performance and capacity of the organizations, a fact that is directly perceived by the final customer of the products or services offered and that generates greater confidence in them.
What can a consultancy do for you?
In Auditarios we guarantee a comprehensive coverage in everything related to the Data Protection Law, to start this whole cycle of implementation and improvement of Data Protection, in Auditaris we work side by side with our clients, offering a personalized and close treatment, with a service tailored to your needs, where you can ask us your questions at any time or transfer us your concerns, ensuring a comprehensive service of quality and professionalism for you to feel that we are part of your team.

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