Destruction of documents


For the deletion of files, the destination of the data or the destruction forecasts shall be established.

According to the Rgpd, whenever any document or medium containing personal data is to be discarded, it must be destroyed or erased, by adopting measures aimed at preventing access to the information contained therein or its subsequent recovery (Article 92.4. Management of supports and documents) and the discarded copies or reproductions must be destroyed in such a way as to prevent access to the information contained therein or its subsequent recovery (Article 112.2.)

It is clear that the Law, in addition to complying with the protection aspects, considers that one of the obligations we must comply with is the destruction of personal data files, both automated (digital media, computers, etc.) and non-automated (paper, filing cabinets, etc.), adopting measures to prevent access to them or the possibility of recovery after destruction.

Auditaris offers you a professional service for the destruction of personal files depending on the type of data contained therein

Type 1

Basic level internal data. Includes correspondence, advertising, product and service catalogs, company and personal notes, personalized circulars, etc.

Type 2

Intermediate level internal data. It includes personal data, messaging, correspondence, targeted offers, inquiries and responses, etc.

Type 3

Medium-high level internal data. Management, financial, commercial, health, administrative, etc. documentation.

The destruction is performed on all types of support classified in 6 types of materials: magnetic, optical, paper, electronic, hard drives and films. The final shredding formats are of different sizes and there are 7 levels of security. The end result can be strips, particles, broken, deformed, damaged supports, etc.

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