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We approach each job with a comprehensive approach to provide solutions.

Our main value is a highly qualified team with extensive and proven experience in each of the different phases of adaptation, maintenance and audit of the Data Protection Act. A team of highly qualified professionals and technicians who approach each job with a comprehensive approach to provide solutions to the problems and needs of each case.

Our work methodology is standardized and proven, and incorporates the use of new technologies, providing, in addition to efficiency and effectiveness, a global vision of the company oriented to each client. Compliance with the standard guarantees independent work and total confidentiality.

Consultoría LOPD en Valencia

Data Protection

We are members of the ApCpD (Professional Association of Data Protection Consultants), we are committed to act in a professional manner, respecting the specific rules and regulations concerned, and acting within protocols that ensure that the requested service is fulfilled within appropriate times and procedures.

The deontological rules for the practice of Data Protection Consultants and/or Auditors refer to Professional Behavior, Protocol, Discretion, Respect for the Profession, Delivery of sufficient and truthful information, Legality in their actions, Accuracy, Appropriate Promotion, Responsibility, Professional Secrecy and Truthfulness.

E.P.D. Certification

Awarded by the Professional Association of Data Protection Consultants.

The E.P.D. Certification provides a notable differentiation and professional guarantee to those professionals or entities that obtain it, in order to obtain it, it is necessary to comply with high standards of legal/practical knowledge, in addition to the fulfillment of a rigorous code of ethics and protocol. Likewise, it is mandatory to have a civil liability insurance.

Professionals and companies with E.P.D. Certification as Auditaris are subject to audits and to passing theoretical and practical knowledge tests in order to maintain the high level of demand and quality throughout the validity of the E.P.D. Certification, which provides this E.P.D. Certification with a level of excellence, guarantee and quality.

No to zero cost

Adapting or adapting the Data Protection Law at zero or minimum cost by taking advantage of the subsidy that exists for company training through the Fundación Tripartita (now the Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo), is a fact that may constitute fraud.

This type of adaptation usually involves registering with the Data Protection Agency the different Personal Data Files that you process in your Organization, but you should know that this step does not mean complying with the RGPD. They also often deliver a bulky Security Document that the client keeps in their offices without any use, and this does not mean compliance with the GDPR either.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about fines, contracting at Zero Cost will not avoid any possible sanctions imposed by the AEPD.

GDPR is never the result of a one-off visit or phone call. It is a task that your company must perform on a daily basis to comply with the established measures and procedures, and your consultant must advise and inform you properly so that you can comply with the law every day. This is why it is very important to perform periodic maintenance and comply with audits if applicable.

It is very difficult to provide the service your company needs to adequately comply with the Rgpd at Zero Cost.

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