GDPR consulting and auditing


Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the GDPR

Compliance with the Data Protection Law poses big questions for many companies, freelancers, associations and institutions. In most cases there is misinformation and a total lack of knowledge about the operation of this Law. That is why at Auditaris we have proposed to work side by side with our clients, offering a professional, personalized and close treatment.

We have a wide and varied portfolio of clients, both in the public and private sectors, ranging from corporations to communities, cooperatives, public administration, institutions, self-employed or professionals from all sectors.
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Why should we implement the GDPR?

Because it forces us to regenerate the communication we have established with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Because it updates our communication channels, positively positions our organization and generates confidence in our customers, suppliers and employees.

Because it streamlines management processes and improves the internal image of our organization.

Because it guarantees the right of citizens to the privacy of their Personal Data.

Because the use of Internet and New Technologies can be an open window to incidents that we must protect respecting the RGPD.

Because it guarantees the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all information processed in our organization.

Because it reduces the risks of information transgression and enhances corporate values.

Because the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection is mandatory and its violation is subject to sanctions.

As individuals.

We have the right to know why and how our data is used and to decide on its use, what information a company or public entity has about us, to modify or rectify it and to decide whether we want it to continue to be held and for what purposes.

As companies.

We must comply with the Data Protection Law, adapting our organization to all its measures and obligations, with periodic reviews and regardless of the sector we work in, the size of our organization or the media we use for our information systems.

What does our GDPR advisory and consulting service include?

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